Our Values

The Social Perception and Communication Lab (SPCL) envisions a world that isĀ  just, equitable, and peacecul. We work toward this vision, in part, through the production of, engagement with, and public communication of social psychological research examining intergroup inequality.

We value and practice inclusive excellence. Hence, the SPCL is a diverse (broadly defined) team of scholars, by design. We strive to foster and maintain an environment in which all members of our team can thrive, learn, teach, and, ultimately, produce their best work. Such an environment is, by definition, collaborative, inclusive, professional, ethical, and, yes, also fun. We, thefore, do not tolerate bias-motivated actions or discriminatory behaviors toward individuals based on their social category memberships, including race, ethnicity, country of origin, citizenship, religion, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, age, or (dis)ability status.